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The Barons of Ansgar are the lowest level of the feudal system that rules of the nation and guides it. While they serve under the King of Ansgar, they are direct vassals of the Dukes of Ansgar

The Barons of Ansgar typically have smaller households and holdings and spend much of their time overseeing the affairs of their territories. 

While the fealty of the barons to their dukes is typically generational, there have been occaisions where a baron's fealty is transferred to another duke as part of a marriage agreement or other alliance.

Aegis Barony

Aldenburg Barony

Alder Barony


Bareton Barony

Black Mountain Barony

Black River Barony

Broken Plains Barony

Crown Valley Barony

East End Barony

Eferhild Barony

Ethelinde Barony

Everard Barony

Falton Barony

Felda Barony

Granville Barony

Great Bridge Barony

Gray Keep Barony

Guusa Barony


Harlingen Barony

Hilldale Barony

Huntsville Barony

Jarvia Barony

Kendryk Barony

Kerrville Barony

Mantyre Barony

North Griffin Cliffs Barony

Orind Barony

Pastore Barony

Perekin Barony

Pryor Barony

Ridere Barony

Robine Barony

Saewald Barony

Saxan Barony

Seaguard Barony

South Griffin Cliffs Barony

Tirrell Barony

Vidis Barony

West End Barony

West Gate Barony