The Ansgari Duchies

The Dukes of Ansgar are the backbone of the feudal system that rules of the nation and guides it. While they serve under the King of Ansgar, within their duchies they are semi-autonomous. All matters of policy, law and justice flow through the Dukes.

The Dukes of Ansgar are the most wealthy men in the nation, collecting large sums of money for their coffers both through taxes and through the multitude of business ventures that their families have established over the centuries.

As the highest level of the feudal system, the Dukes have the sworn loyalty of Earls and Barons within their lands. While these relationships are often generational, occaisionally a Duke will negotiate the transfer of a lesser noble to the fealty of another Duke.

Elsdon Duchy

West Valley Duchy

Agilard Duchy

Sea Watch Duchy

White Ridge Duchy

Arndell Duchy