The Earldoms of Ansgar

The Earls of Ansgar are the mid-level nobles in the feudal system that rules over the people. While most of them are not nearly as rich, nor as powerful as the Dukes to whom they are sworn, they are more wealthy than all but the most prosperous merchants.

The Earls of Ansgar also enjoy the privilege of avoiding the political horse-trading that the Barons of Ansgar are sometimes forced to endure at the hands of the Dukes. 

Chadburn Earldom

Colby Earldom

Cutler Earldom

Forest Glen Earldom

Garroway Earldom

Hamilton Earldom

Hart Earldom

Irwin Earldom

Odwolfe Earldom

Red Glen Earldom

West Shore Earldom