The Landed Knights of Ansgar

Knighthood in the nation of Ansgar is increasingly rare as the reliance on religion and chivalry have fallen away from the cultural icon which they once were, but the title of Sir still remains in use and the Landed Knight is considered a part of the Lower Nobility and as such afforded special consideration. 

Landed Knights control tiny plots of land, sometimes a small stronghold but more commonly a collection of hovels and homes that house a few dozen peasants. Their titles are exclusively the result of a grant from some greater noble (usually their liege lord, though occaisionally appointed by a lesser or greater ranked aristocrat). In peace, they have few responsibilities: serve as an officer of their liege's guard, ensure that their fief is productive, and to act as the Magistrate for a given region. In war, they serve as the officers for their lord's levy and as advisors to common-born officers.