A Barony of Ansgar

The Black Mountain Barony is located approximately 1,700 miles southeast of the Arndell Duchy, 950 miles north and slightly west of the Seawatch Duchy and 9,000 miles west and slightly north of Elsdon Duchy and the capital city of Aetheston.

The Blackman family has ruled the Black Mountain Barony since it's formation in approximately 312 AL. It was granted to Sir Calwyn Lasayrah by the Duke of Seawatch for his services in ridding the territory of a tribe of mountainmen who had raided and pillaged the surrounding territories. Calwyn changed his name to Blackman when he was granted the title.

The current Baron of Black Mountain is Lord Emory Blackman, 33. His hair is a pale, platinum blonde, with pitch black eyes. He is short, fat, and largely considered weak in the mind. It is rumored that he is the product of incest. His uncle, Vincent Blackman, stands to inherit the territory and serves as the territory's Chancellor. 

The Black Mountain Barony is known across the world for the high quality firearms that are produced in the fires of the Black Mountain Foundries. Weapons produced in these forges are more durable thanks to the production practices and materials, more accurate due to a barrel forged with fewer imperfections, and have a longer range because they can survive larger powder charges.

Weapons produced in the Black Mountain Foundries are largely believed to be the best mass-produced weapons in the world and draw a premium price in every market.