Griffins and Gunpowder Wiki

A common calendar is not in use across much of Zaria. Most nations use a specific even in their history as a starting point. For the sake of consistency, The Cerberus Rebellion will be used as a marker to compare the various calendars

Calendar of Ansgar

Term: After Founding

Started with the founding of the nation of Ansgar.

The Cerberus Rebellion: 1248

10 Months, 40 Days Each

Calendar of The Rhonish City States

Post Republic

Started with the fall of the Rhonish Republic

The Cerberus Rebellion: 480

Lunar Cycle; 15 Months (10 of 27 days, 5 of 26 days)

Calendar of Nordahr (One of the few shared calendars. The nations of Franta, Beldane, Steimor, Thayer, Galten, and Kerberos (before annexation) used this calendar.)

Year of the Accords

Started with the First Accords

The Cerberus Rebellion: 1150

Calendar of Chesia

Year of the Emporer

Started with the rise of Frederick Maximillian as Emporer of Chesia

The Cerberus Rebellion: 9

Alternate Calendar of Chesia

Imperial Year

Started with the rise of the original Empire of Chesia

The Cerberus Rebellion: 1537

(This Calendar is held by the few rebels and holdouts against Emperor Maximillian)