Eadric Garrard is the King of Ansgar and the Duke of Elsdon. He has ruled the kingdom since he was 15, when his father Charles the Merchant dies. He is obsessed with the image of himself and his nation in the eyes of the rest of the civilized world. 

He is not generally liked by the nobility, especially in the West. Rumors abound of his rampant paranoia.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Height: Approximately 6' 3"

Weight: Approximately 235lbs

"Build" Muscled

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Special Characteristics: Square jaw, with cleft; Paranoid; Narcissistic


Charles the Merchant (Father) (Deceased)

Alden Hanley (Father-by-Law))

Magnus Jarmann (Brother-by-Law)

Katherine Jarmann (Sister)

Torsten Penn (Brother-by-Law)

Allison Penn (Sister)

Kara Garrard (Daughter)

Tyler Garrard (Son)

Titles and HoldingsEdit

King of Ansgar

Duke of Elsdon