Welcome to the Griffins and Gunpowder Wiki This is a wiki for the Griffins and Gunpowder fictional universe, as detailed in the series of novels by the same name, written by author Joshua K Johnson.

Griffins and Gunpowder is a Gunpowder Fantasy; fantasy set in a world that includes gunpowder and it's associated weaponry but does not focus on steam-power or other elements typical of a "steampunk" novel.

It is set on the world of Zaria, where Elves, Magic and Griffins co-exist alongside rifles and railroads.

The world of Zaria is first introduced in the novel The Cerberus Rebellion and a collection of short stories and novellas released concurrently.

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The Red Dragon's War Nations of Zaria
The Rise of the Second Orcish Republic Technology of Zaria
The Half-Blood Legionary Major Bodies of Water

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