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Kerberos was once one of the native nations on the Northern Continent of Zaria.

However, in 1148 After Landing (as reckoned by the Ansgari) King Sigurd Jarmann invaded Ansgar. When his armies overstepped their supply lines, Sigurd's forces were caught too deep into Ansgar.

King William the Defender of Ansgar repelled the Kerberosi invasion and countered with his own invasion of Kerberos. After eight years of war, King Sigurd surrendered his nation and his throne to King William.

In exchange for their loyalty, the Kerberosi Nobles were allowed to keep their lands and titles. Sigurd Jarmann was given the title of Duke of Agilard.

One hundred years later, Sigurd's great grandson Magnus Jarmann triggered a century of planning and launched a rebellion to attempt to regain their independence.

Population (As of the Beginning of The Cerberus Rebellion): 4 million

Nobles: 1 Duke, 2 Earls, 9 Barons.

Territories: Agilard Duchy, Forest Glen Earldom, Red Glen Earldom, Vidis Barony, Pastore Barony, Robine Barony, Hilldale Barony, Jarvia Barony, Ethelinde Barony, Guusa Barony, Orind Barony, Felda Barony

Major Cities: Agilard