There are Eight bodies of water on the world of Zaria.

The Vast Sea

The Vast Sea separates the Nordahrian continent from the Eastern and Western Continents. It stretches across the whole of the world from east to west. At its widest, the Vast sea spans X,XXX miles; at its narrowest only X,XXX. A small set of islands, known as The Golden Isles, occupies a space in the Vast Sea near the center of the world.

The Manticoran Channel

The Manticoran Channel separates Sithea from Jenis and is home to the island nation of Manticore. It is the only access point from the Vast Sea to the Gulf of Sithea, Ehtroy Bay, and the Jenis Sound. It is the most heavily traveled sea lane in the world.

The Gulf of Sithea

The Gulf of Sithea 

Ehtroy Bay

The Jenis Sound

The Jenis Sound runs from the Manticoran Channel, separating the nations of Jenis and Welos, and giving easy access to the city-states of the former Rhonish Republic. It is the second most traveled sea lane.

Krigare Bay

Krigare Bay is located between the majority of the nation of Andivar and the southern regions of Ehtroy and is the southern body of water that makes The Pinch such a vital landbridge. Because the southern districts of Ehtroy, and the nation of Alogo beyond, are mainly barren and lightly inhabited, Krigare is lightly traveled. 

The North Sea

The North Sea stretches around the northern arctic circle, north of the Nordahrian Continent. It is mostly an ice flow, though near to the continent it is passable.

The South Sea

The South Sea encompasses the southern arctic circle of Zaria. It is largest passable within a few hundred miles of land.