The island nation of Manticore resides in the Manticore Channel, between the nations of Sithea and Jenis.

Originally founded as a colony of Welos, Manticore won it's freedom from its mother country in a bloody and brutal civil war. Tensions have remained high between the two nations and smaller wars and incidents have been common since their initial separation.

Manticore is one of the few nations where females are allowed to pursue any occupation and where female nobility rule in their own right.


Manticore is best known for its powerful navy and willingness to embrace new technologies in the construction of their warships. Located at the confluence of the Gulf of Sithea, Ehtroy Bay, and the Jenis Sound, and serving as the only access between those bodies of water and the Vast Sea, the Manticore Channel is also an extremely busy trade corridor. It is estimated that more than 90% of all trade that travels across the Vast Sea crosses through the Channel.

The monarchs of Manticore have taken advantage of this position and have used their power to impose transit taxes, which are then used to construct new ships and further the power of the nation.