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The West Valley Duchy is located approximately 4,000 miles northwest of Aetheston and 1,300 miles north of the Ansgari coast, the north end of the Crown Hills

The Chalmers family has held the title of Duke of West Valley since the foundation of Ansgar. Tomas Chalmers was a primary funder of the colony and as such received first choice of territories outside of Aetheston. The duchy controls much of the fertile Central Ansgari lands.

The Duchy has a longstanding problem with mountain clans from Nordahr and Beldane. The clans use narrow mountain passes to raid West Valley and then disappear back across the border, where Ansgari troops cannot follow. This has created a situation in which the Duke of West Valley has a constant need for trained soldiers and results in trained and competent commanders.

The West Valley Duchy itself is very fertile and, other than the city of Alryne, it is largely composed of farms and fiefs. Additionally, the mines around Alryne make the West Valley Duchy the largest producer of coal east of the Hart River.